Tic Tac Art Center, Brussels, Belgium (2020)

How to improvise about pain, violence, death, injustice, and institutionalized racism?. I tried, but I really couldn’t. My art that night was facilitating a space to dialogue and create awareness. Through the friendship with @lavenderwolf, I had the opportunity to invite Rachel Moore @rainbowhouse to read her work. She is an Afro feminist and LGBTQI activist. I titled the encounter: Black, Black, Blah Blah Blah? 

The content was the focus. Improvisation was used for performance research.  All I could see while moving was confusion and emotions.  The energy was so thick, audience members uncomfortable, shivering waves of tension and relief: I witnessed such events from the stage. As I felt paralyzed hearing her mentioning names by violence. I noticed that my tools went mostly into verbalization of sounds, and trying desperately to hear a deeper part of me, to connect to it. Listening to her text while performing, giving the words a chance to breathe and be heard. The body of the dancer could only be a landscape. I was providing full attention to what was most needed.


Created by Judith Sánchez Ruíz with Lavender Wolf and Rachel Moore (rainbow house)