Dance Interactive Performance (2019)

“My Breast on the table” cannot be choreographed, it can only be performed. The piece appropriates the “Yo” that rethinks and rebuilds itself permanently, the pain handled as costume, as a  breathe, a curtain, an indomitable circumstance of life” – JSR The experimental, improvisational, interactive solo work intentionally mirrors  Reality TV (as unscripted  actions of everyday people ) and the popular TED Talk lectures. “My Breast on the  table” is a new solo designed and performed by Judith Sanchez Ruiz with Classical Pianist and Composer Santiago Gervasoni. Can a black woman from the Caribbean create her own universe?  As a constant exploration, JSR uses improvisation as a complex tool for choreography.  She rewrites how she perceives choreography today as an artist  and as a performer. “My Breast on the Table” has a strident structure featuring autobiographical gestures.


Designed and Performed: Judith Sánchez Ruiz

Music: Santiago Gervasoni

Light Design: Daniel Miranda and JSR

Costume: Don Aretino and Aiko Mizutori and JSR