Solo dance piece (2017)

“Encaje” is a piece about hypocrisy, and it is inspired by the work of writer Anaïs Nin. Working with two  concepts, the “diary” and the “radio”. Just as the novelist specifies in her work, that her life is  indescribable – since she changes everyday,  the work is prone to different moods and never seems to be able to fully fathom a “true self,” in the work or in life off stage. 

Judith Sánchez Ruíz recaptures the snapshot contents of an archive of her own days approaching dance like a diary of  movement”. It is the perception and the expression of a collection of everyday material, of unpredictability, emotions and  constant changes,  which Sánchez Ruíz uses to reinvents the untold, the undisclosed presence of disorder and  vulnerability. The „radio” concept lets the body jump from one state to another as if someone turned the dial on an old  radio trying to find a new frequency, thereby provoking a clash of opposing facts within one life, one body.


Choreography and Performance: Judith Sánchez Ruíz

Music: ARCA Costume

Design: Beate Borrmann

Light Design: Eduardo Abdala