Livestream interactive performance, 2020

In “Purple Is”, Sánchez Ruíz and Wentz center transparency by publicly discussing their options, collectively deciding on a plan of action, and hoping for the best. The performers, in their respective stages, utilize projectors to engage with life-size versions of each other. Spanning across geographic, experiential, historical, and temporal distance, the performers reach for intimacy in isolation. PURPLE is, the fourth iteration of Judith Sánchez Ruíz’s improvisational duet form in homage to the late choreographer Trisha Brown takes place over a Zoom meeting with fellow Trisha Brown Dance Company alum, Sam Wentz (2009-14). Judith’s homage connects dancers and collaborators from the company’s 50+ year span, not only over time and history but in this particular context, over time and space. The tribute highlights and locates the personal experience and memory of the former alums in the present  moment with an approximate 10-second delay, not so bad considering the 5,781 miles between the two performers. Previous renditions of this tribute have been performed with Lance Gries, Laurel Jenkins, and Jodi Melnick. A Q & A with the performers was moderated by TBDC alumna Hope Mohr Dance.

“Purple Is” is a part of the piece Power Shift: Activism, Improvisation, and Community, a program of HMD’s The Bridge Project.“Purple Is” was part of Power Shift: Activism, Improvisation, and Community, a program of HMD’s The Bridge Project.


Directed and performed by Judith Sanchez Ruiz (Berlin) with Sam Wentz (California)

Music: Woodworkers by Hauschka

Livestream Director and Camera: Keren Chernizon

Sound and Light: Stephan Muller Tech. Assist: Asier Solana

Produced by: Hope Mohr Dance In collaboration with Dock11, Calarts, HZT Berlin, the JSR Company and The Bridge Project