EMPTY HOUR [Gravitational Attraction]

Site-specific collaboration, 2019

“EMPTY HOUR [gravitational attraction]” is a site-specific performance fusing together multi-media artists. Built by two choreographers with an  interdisciplinary ensemble on the clashes between the now, imaginations of then, and the presence of the past. Pausing  to reflect on boredom, empty time, venturing into a state where there is nothing absolute. The guests’ entrance is an agreement to be not a viewer, but a body to be read and to read, a participant.


Concept & Choreography:  Judith Sánchez Ruíz & Ania Catherine

Ensemble: Andy Zondag [dancer], Atalya Tirosh [soprano], Daniele Mana [sound artist], Dejha Ti [visual artist], Don Aretino [fashion designer], Elizabeth Gibson [dancer], Rasmus Lauvring [lighting designer], Samira Mahboub [dancer], Tom Brand [dancer], 10 voluntaries B12 Festival guests 

Production: Troels Primdahl, Johannes Wieland.

Presented by b12 & TRAUMABARUNDKINO

Guest performers from b12: Lucas Ghedini, Rafaels Sahyoun, Ichiro Sugae, Berenike Sophie Melchior, Martina Beraldo, Josephine Hass, Elisa Osborne, Giulia Spinelli, Tomoya Acker, Sergio Guerra Abril, Yannis Mitsos, Charly, Lizzie Tan

Trailer: Keren Chermizon