Group piece from the solo (2019)

With the intention to create a community and develop her voice as an activist,  JSR created “ENCAJE for Ten.” The piece was created and developed to suit different cast members and locations. This work process was a new step in presenting individuality and collaborative partnership with performers.

 “ENCAJE”  was a solo created by Judith Sánchez Ruíz and has been performed in various venues  in China, USA,  Spain, and Germany. ENCAJE for Ten is an extension of this work, an  international intensive experimental work for 10  unique performers from diverse ages, cultures, and countries. The motto for this piece is: When greed and indifference  is that status quo, it’s time for conversation. 

“ENCAJE for Ten is a tribute to be ourselves, to find ourselves inside and outside, to dance with our closest monster and  say hello without shame. It is a dance with our many three or four selves, the many me/you which is changing constantly; the  piece is an abstract experience of the 24 hours in our daily life, represented  in 30 minute performance – of layering and  transforming. Subjects, moods,  images, physicality, and emotions all change like a radio station.”


Director and choreographer: Judith Sánchez Ruíz | JSR Company

Music: ARCA

Landscape sound: Clelia Patrono

Performers: Yen-Ching Lin, Taiwan, Laura Morales, Spain, Linn Christine Ragnarsson, Sweden, Paul White, Australia, Aymara Parola, Argentine, Eléonore Pinet-Bodin, France, Johanna Kasperowitsch, Germany, Aya Toraiwa, Japan, Anna Kempin, Germany, Linda Berberich, Germany