Site-specific experimental performance (2015)

“MICRO REVOLUTION” is an intensive experimental laboratory process with artists from various disciplines. We investigate highly physical movement material in juxtaposition with affective and compositional architectural resonances. Composers interact with the choreographer and the dancers to provide an original, semi-spontaneous score.  Architecture, movement and improvisation are all combined to create spaces that come to life as structures are re-envisioned and reassembled into vertiginous forms.


Featuring: Jassem Hindi (sound artist), Sebastian Schunke (jazz pianist), Atalyá Tirosh (soprano)

Special Guest: Edivaldo Ernesto

Performers: Lorena Justribó Manion, Lea Helmstädter, Chawki Derbel, Ichi Go, Johanna Wernmo, Sebastian Zuber, Christoph Viol,

Light Design: Gregor Knüppel

Production and Assistance: Alice Heyward and Yuebing Luo,

Photography by Manuel Moncayo,

Documentation: Xavier Cordente/Kunst Capture.

Consultant & Translation: Moritz Gansen

Production Management: Hendrik Unge