Artist in residence, Hong Kong. 2022

This piece focuses on transitory states that revolt outcomes and assumptions to find new ones. Likewise, Orson Wells’s latest film editing, “The closest knot, has an arresting visual unpredictability. JSR conceptualizes the blend of styles, situations, statements, and imagery, stimulating a fresh and original storytelling narrative in contemporary dance.

The Closest Knot is about finding our deepest desires again inside the mass. A work about unity,  about relearning how to hug, hold, and hang in there. It is about revindicating dreams and hopes. Redeeming our last resort to save our planet, world, and existence.

Premiered on December 9 & 10, 2022 at Lyric Theater, Hong Kong. Artist in Residency at @hkapa_edu


Direction and Concept of Choreography, Set Design, Costume and Video: Judith Sánchez Ruíz  JSR Company

Lighting Designer: Yeung Tsz Yan

Sound Designer: Lawrence Lau 

Set & Costume Designer: Oki-Siekierczak Ayami

Rehearsal Director: Leila McMillan

Performers: Tsoi Ka-king, Carlos Christian Ramos Mendoza, Alliah Xandra Reyes Torte, Cheung Hiu-sang, Huang Dan-yang, Lam Pui-sze, Lok Hiu-man, Lui Cheuk-ying, Lui Hak-man, O Hio-san, Wong Sze-wing, Yang Han-Ying, Yao Xin-yue, Zhuang Qi-ting